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Enter the .NINJA

Software. Cooking. Dancing. That thing you do better than anyone else, that’s your ninja. Release your ninja with a .NINJA web and email address.

The .NINJA Top Level Domain is giving experts everywhere a new way of presenting themselves online. Professionals will appreciate the casual, yet authoritative way of expressing their expertise. Gamers will enjoy the instant recognition a .NINJA domain name brings. All will be the envy of their peers because, let’s face it, being a .NINJA is just plain cool.

With nearly 200,000 ninja references in Twitter profiles, and roughly 20,000 references in LinkedIn profiles, the term “ninja” has never been more popular. Act like a ninja now to ensure you get your domain name before it’s gone!

Be the grandmaster of your domain. Get a .NINJA web domain. 

Recognition & credibility

Get instant and immediate visibility.

Increased site traffic

Drive the traffic that's relevant to you.

Make an impression

Everyone will notice your skills.


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About Top Level Domains

New Top Level Domains (TLDs) are bringing personalization back to web addresses.

TLDs are the letters to the right of the dot in a website address. They have traditionally been limited in scope, with options including .com, .net, and a few other limited choices. That’s about to change.

We’ve been working with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that oversees the management of Top Level Domains, to bring you new TLDs.

Top Level Domains are easy to use. They can be linked with your current site or be held for a site you’ve yet to build.

A simple 301 redirect will ensure that visitors to your old address are pointed to the new one. Most importantly, the redirect will help maintain your SEO rankings.

It’s a historic moment for the internet. Be part of it!